Viablue Sleeve Orange BIG (XL)

Orange Big - Price per 1 mb . LARGE (XL) for cable diameters from 13 to 26 mm
Manufacturer: Viablue
SKU: 141
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Design cable protection

Support for high quality cables against wear and tear
Protection against fracture and UV radiation
Design upgrades and professional cable marking
Opaque due to fine mesh structure
Available in 3 sizes

SMALL for cable diameters from 2 to 6 mm
MEDIUM for cable diameters from 5 to 13 mm
LARGE for cables from 13 to 26 mm

Technical Specifications

The larger the diameter of the cable, the greater the braid length required, as the braided sleeving is shortened by the scissor expansion. The table below shows some examples of length factors:

Required braid length BIG for cable Ø 13-26 mm

Cable Ø                 13 mm    14 mm     16 mm     20 mm     26 mm
Length (factor)       1.05       1.08         1.10         1.30        1.80

LARGE for cable diameters from 13 mm to 26 mm