Signal Cable 0,5m Locus Audio Flat RCA , Cinch Interconnect

Locus Audio Flat RCA signal cables 0.5m
Manufacturer: Locus Audio
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Locus audio cables

Our cables come from the passion of listening to music, which has always been with us.

Many years of work, experience, tests with materials and constructions allowed us to construct our own cables.

When we found out with satisfaction, that the method of cable manufacturing that we have developed, provides a perfect musical transmission, we decided to share it with music lovers like us.

So we founded our factory, where all the steps of cable manufacturing are done by hand, from the beginning to the finished product.

The materials used in our cables are the highest quality OFC and OCC copper and silver conductors.

The important element of each cable are also the plugs.

All plugs used by us come from leading manufacturers of high end audio components.

The vintage style aesthetics and appearance of our cables makes them stand out from the hundreds of products on the market.

RCA Interconnect Flat

The RCA interconnect from our Flat product line.

The transmission thanks to our interconnect is very realistic, spatial, immersive.

The cable construction is a combination of shielded copper conductors and silver OCC.

The cable is terminated with the excellent KLE plugs with oak wood insulation.

- Signal and ground pins are made of 99.999% OFC copper with conductivity >102% IACS (compared to 95% TeCU copper or 28% IACS brass).

- Signal and ground pins are additionally covered with a thick layer of silver.

- The shape of the signal and ground pins has been optimised to provide even better conductivity.

- The soldering points on the signal and ground pins are stronger, and their shape makes it easier to solder cables with a larger cross-section.

- The connector has an interconnect feature between the pins to prevent short circuits.

- Signal and ground pins are spaced as far apart as possible to minimise capacitance, induction and EMF problems.

- The connector design has been improved to ensure trouble-free plugging into rca sockets, maximum contact efficiency and easy removal.

Recommended as a connection between CD players, DVD players, turntables and amplifiers, both solid-state and tube.

Despite its thickness the cables are very soft and easy to connect to the equipment.

Our cable is 0,5m long. It is possible to make a cable of different length every 0,25m.

Buying our cables you have 14 days to cancel the contract, during this time you can see their advantages.

Locus Audio cables and music sounds better.