RCA, Cinch KLE Innovations Pure Harmony Plug - 4 pcs.

Set of RCA connectors, silver-copper alloy - 4 pieces.
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Manufacturer: KLE
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The Harmony plugs are a further development of the concept already known from the
Eichmann Bullet Plug.
In the new design created by Keith Louis Eichmann the following construction elements were improved:
1. the signal and ground pin is made of a high purity silver-copper alloy having a conductivity >106% IACS (vs.
(compared to TeCU copper at 95% IACS or brass at 28% IACS).
The shape of the signal and earth pins has been optimised to provide even better conductivity.
The soldering points on the signal and ground pins are stronger, and their shape makes it easier to solder cables with a larger cross-section.
4 The connector has an element between the pins to prevent short circuiting.
Signal and ground pins are as far apart as possible to minimise capacitance, induction and EMF effects.
6. the connector design has been improved to ensure trouble free insertion into rca sockets, maximum contact performance and easy removal.
The ground pin is shaped to ensure that the ground pin is not bent or twisted.
7) The ground pin has a tooth shape, which makes it possible to obtain a star ground.
8) The housing has 2 screws to fix the cable.
Use of high melting point plastic allows soldering without fear of damaging the plug.
The possibility of mounting the cable up to 9.5 mm outer diameter.
Comes with 4 RCA connectors.