MDPC-X Red-Carbon Sleeves Medium

Manufacturer: MDPC-X
SKU: 163
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Product information "Red-Carbon cable sheaths MEDIUM".
Red-Carbon MEDIUM cable sleeves for diameters from 5,0 mm to 14,5 mm.
The offered lengths of the Red-Carbon MEDIUM cable bushings are given in metres (m).

The composite construction of the Red-Carbon cable bushings is a combination of Italian red and blackest black. The MDPC-X Red-Carbon cable bushings were originally made for a Hi-Fi customer and are now made available to everyone. The subtle Red-Carbon effect creates a very subtle and luxurious appearance. From a short distance you can clearly see the red and black stripes. At greater distances you will see a very deep wine red.

MDPC cable bushings are 100% made in Germany
Lead-free base materials. No lead poisoning when inhaling fumes during the shrinking / melting of the MDPC cable bushings.
100% Unique colour quality in the cable sheath world. MDPC creates the most beautiful, saturated, vivid colours.
The colours of MDPC cable protectors include high quality German UV stabilisers, which protect our cable protectors when used outdoors.
Highly expandable cable sleeves, perfectly fitting and not too tight. A universal solution for a wide range of applications.