About Us

You don't have to take out a loan against your house or flat to buy our cables.

But once you listen to your favourite music on your stereo with our cables,

you won't want to leave.


Music in our life and its reception in the best possible quality is very important for us.

Our company was therefore born out of passion for it.

We know that its proper reception depends on many factors.

All the elements of the sound track have an influence on the final result: the source, the amplifier, the speakers as well as the cables connecting all these elements.

Over the years we have devoted a lot of time and energy to design and build from the ground up cables that best convey the information recorded on the vinyl or CD. Our goal was to create cables that would be an alternative to the expensive cables from the top brands in the audio segment.

Many hours of testing, in our systems and in the systems of our friends, made us realize, that our work was not in vain.

After years of experience and acquired skills, we are pleased to present to you our cables.

All our cables are manufactured by hand in our manufactory, for their production we use only the highest quality materials and components, because only such can ensure high quality of the finished product.

The cables are finished with an elegant braid and upgraded wood connectors, which will undoubtedly distinguish them from many other audio products.

Simplicity and elegance towards the natural materials used to make our cables is the aesthetic that we pursue.

Music playing more beautifully,

This is what we strive for and we do not want it to be just a wish, which we hope will be confirmed in your audio systems.


The combination of system elements that will result in a greater pleasure of listening to music and experiencing sound as a spectacle.


Buyers will appreciate our products and we are constantly working on new and better solutions.

Enjoy your listening experience.



I put my ear to the ground, I listen how it plays. Music in me - in music I. - Anna Maria Jopek



Locus Audio Team